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Hello, I'm Antonio!

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Quantitative Methods at the Universidad Loyola Andalucía (Spain). My current research interests include a wide variety of topics, among them, machine learning and time series data mining. More specifically, preprocessing, clustering, prediction and segmentation. On the other hand, I have been involved in numerous scientific projects, which denote the interdisciplinarity of the area to which I am dedicated, among others, renewable energies, detection of atmospheric events and health-based problems (Parkinson's disease).

I am PhD in Artificial Intelligence (2019), MSc in Teaching Training (2019), MSc in Computer Engineering (2016) and BSc in Computer Engineering (2016), all of them by the University of Cordoba in 2016. Check my main publications and teaching to learn more about them.





Course Subject Degree (Yr) Entity Tasks Hours
2023/2024Técnicas de Machine LearningPhD. Ciencia de los Datos (1)Universidad Loyola AndalucíaTheory15
2023/2024Técnicas basadas en la Inteligencia Artificial. Aprendizaje AutomáticoMSc. Métodos de Investigación aplicados a las Ciencias Sociales (1)Universidad Loyola AndalucíaTheory20
2023/2024Development of Collaborative EnvironmentsIng. Informática y Tecnologías Virtuales (3)Universidad Loyola AndalucíaTheory60
2023/2024Machine LearningIng. Informática y Tecnologías Virtuales (4)Universidad Loyola AndalucíaTheory60
2023/2024Programación AvanzadaIng. Informática y Tecnologías Virtuales (2)Universidad Loyola AndalucíaTheory60
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